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Unlock Your Inner Potential with Will Power Athletes!

Triplett holds a PhD in Strategic Leadership and Cybersecurity as well as a Master's in Business Administration. With over two decades of experience, he is recognized as a skilled motivator and strategist. Triplett has a remarkable talent for helping people reach their full potential.


Will Power Athletes provides inspiring and motivating speeches to help young students, athletes, and business reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Our speeches are designed to empower and motivate individuals to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals, no matter what they may be.


Will Triplett

As a professor of leadership, academic scholar, executive, entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, business faculty, and running coach, Will brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his speaking engagements. His focus on mental skills and mental toughness, as well as his belief in a growth mindset, makes him a particularly effective speaker for athletes, businesses, universities, schools, veterans, and entrepreneurs looking to improve their performance and achieve their personal championships.

The Willpower Athletes speaker series engages individuals of all abilities, from athletes and coaches to teachers and business professionals. By teaching mental skills for sports and life, Will helps individuals train their minds and emotions to achieve better performance on the field an

Some Areas Will Triplett Can Help With

   Leadership strategies for personal and team success

   Mental skills training for better sports performance

   Achieving peak performance in sports and in life

   Building mental toughness for better focus and discipline

   Entrepreneurship guidance for aspiring business owners

   Coaching and guidance for youth athletes

   Improving relationships through mental skills training


Success Stories from Will Power Athletes

Words of Inspiration from Those Who Have Been Motivated by Dr. Will Triplett

Ramos A (Maryland)

Will’s keynote address at HIT graduation at UMBC was exactly what our graduates needed to hear: a series of health information technology success stories across a variety of healthcare industries, from communities of technology. His presentation included case studies of healthcare employment and maintaining a professional network.  I highly recommend him for events where you want your audience to leave informed, inspired and knowing that healthcare hold America’s future in their very capable hands.

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